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If you are thinking of contacting a Canyon Lake air conditioning service for a new system installation, you should turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning first. We have more than 25 years of experience in installations, so you can rest assured we’ll take care of yours correctly the first time. We’ll also handle it as fast as possible, so that you’re once again cool and comfortable in your home. One of the things you’ll want to do before contacting us for air conditioning service in Canyon Lake TX is to think about how efficient you want your new system to be. Here’s some information to help you do just that.

Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency Ratings

Before you call for Canyon Lake air conditioning service, you’ll want to have an idea about the energy efficiency of a new unit. There are two main ratings that you’ll see – EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). One of our experts in air conditioning service in Canyon Lake TX can tell you more, but here’s a quick look at what these acronyms mean.


EER will give you an idea of the efficiency of an air conditioning system when the outside temperature is within a certain range, such as 95°F or above. In general, an AC unit with an EER rating of 12 or higher is considered to be pretty efficient.

SEER, on the other hand, looks at a unit’s cooling output through an entire cooling season. It’s sort of like the miles per gallon number you’ll see in car ads. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is considered to be. Most modern AC units have a SEER in the 13-21 range. For reference, most older systems have a SEER rating of about 8 or 9. So no matter what kind of unit you buy, it’s going to be a lot more efficient than the one you had.

Someone who’s experienced in air conditioning service in Canyon Lake TX can tell you that while a higher SEER number means lower monthly energy bills, your upfront cost will be higher as well. But in Texas, high SEER units are worth the cost.

Whenever you need air conditioning service in Canyon Lake TX, get in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. You can contact us online or call 512-241-5837.

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