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People turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for other services besides Canyon Lake residential AC repair. When the time comes for maintenance, they get in touch with us on a regular basis. The reason they do it is because they trust our experts in residential AC repair in Canyon Lake TX. They know we’ll closely examine each and every AC system component, and let them know if we spot minor problems. They also trust us because we never try to sell any client of ours anything they don’t need.


Common AC Maintenance Questions

When our Canyon Lake residential AC repair technicians show up for a maintenance appointment, customers will typically have a lot of questions. We’re always glad to answer them, because that tells us a lot of people want to do everything they can to keep their AC system in top working shape. They do this because maintenance is the best way to avoid needing costly residential AC repair in Canyon Lake TX.

Here are the answers to a couple of the questions we commonly receive.

  • Can you still replace R22 refrigerant? – You might know that R22 refrigerant is no longer being produced in the U.S., nor is it being imported into the U.S. This change went into effect Jan. 1, 2020. However, if your system doesn’t have a leak, the R22 that’s already inside will last for several more years. If it does leak, there is still R22 available to refill your line once the leak is repaired – although it’s getting more expensive.
  • Can I get by with replacing my filter once a year? – In the vast majority of instances, waiting a year to change out your AC filter isn’t recommended. In fact, many filters are only designed to last between 30-60 days. If you have pets, then you’ll probably need to change your filters much more than one time a year. One of our residential AC repair in Canyon Lake TX professionals can tell you more.

If you would like to learn more about maintenance from the Canyon Lake residential AC repair experts with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, get in touch. Use our online form or call 512-241-5837.

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