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You can always turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning if you ever need Kyle emergency AC repair. Let’s face it – air conditioning problems always seem to happen at the worst time. There are plenty of instances where repairs are needed after regular business hours, when a lot of technicians have already gone home for the day. But we’ll be here for you, regardless of the time of day it might be, to deliver fast, efficient emergency AC repair in Kyle TX.

Why is Your AC Leaking Water?

One of the main reasons people call us for Kyle emergency AC repair is that their system isn’t cooling. This might be due to frozen evaporator coils. If cool air isn’t coming from your vents, your filter might be clogged. That leads to poor air circulation and frozen coils. The coils might also be corroded or dirty. If your coils are rusted, you’ll need to get in touch with us for emergency AC repair in Kyle TX. If you try to fix this yourself, you could be at a high risk for suffering a severe electric shock.


Another possible reason your AC is leaking water is due to a pipe leak that is causing the drain pan to fill with water. You can find the drain pan underneath the indoor portion of your system – but turn off the power first. A professional with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning can come out and repair or replace any pipes that may have failed and led to the leak.

There’s one more potential reason for an AC leaking water – a drain line has become clogged. It could be due to outside contaminants, such as algae, or it could be for some other reason. Don’t try to pour any powerful chemicals into the line, because that could cause even more damage. Let us provide you with emergency AC repair in Kyle TX instead.

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