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When it comes to Kyle heating and cooling repair, E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be the best choice by far. We’ve seen it all, since our team members have nearly 30 years in the business. One of the most common reasons people contact us for heating and cooling repair in Kyle TX is that their AC system has a problem with the coils. Here’s some information on what the coils do, and signs yours may have an issue.

The Types of Coils in Your Air Conditioning System

If you need Kyle heating and cooling repair for a coil issue, it might help if you know what the coils actually do. The typical central AC system has an indoor unit, which houses the evaporator or fan coil. The outside unit, known as the condenser, has a condensing coil. If either one of these stops working, then you’ll have to call for heating and cooling repair in Kyle TX.


The evaporator coil takes heat from the air that comes into your home from the outside. That makes it possible for the blower fan to help push cool air through your home. The condensing coil then releases that heat outside. Both coils are typically made of copper and run through several thin strips of aluminum, known as fins. There other kinds of coil configurations, but they all perform the same role – transferring heat into and out of your home.

Why Call a Professional for a Coil Problem?

A coil issue always needs to be addressed by an expert in heating and cooling repair in Kyle TX. If you try to work on a bad coil yourself, you could get hurt or cause much worse damage. In many instances, the coils simply need to be cleaned. When they’re dirty, that can make it harder for your AC to keep your home cool.

Whether you have a coil problem or some other issue, always turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for Kyle heating and cooling repair. You can schedule service by giving us a call at 512-241-5837, or by using our online form.

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