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If your air conditioner ever blows warm air, our Lockhart AC unit repair company will be ready to help. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, our team members have nearly 30 years of experience. We know all makes and models, and we will take care of your issue as quickly as we can. We want to be your AC unit repair company in Lockhart TX for years to come. Here are a few possible reasons warm air is coming out of your vents.

The Thermostat has Issues

Before you call a Lockhart AC unit repair company, check to make sure your thermostat is working correctly. The problem could be something simple as the setting being accidentally turned to “heat.” Also, make sure that the batteries are working. If they are and you’re still having problems, contact our AC unit repair company in Lockhart TX.


Check the Circuit Breaker

There’s a chance your AC system has tripped the circuit breaker. The indoor portion of the system might be running, but the outside portion may not be getting power. If that’s the case, then you’ll only be getting warm air in your home. Flip the breaker back to the “on” position, and then see what happens. If the breaker goes back to the “off” position, leave it off and call a professional.

Check Your Air Filter

A lot of people call our AC unit repair company in Lockhart TX thinking they have a major issue, when the actual cause is something as minor as a clogged air filter. A dirty filter won’t allow air to move through your home. It will also make it hard for your system to properly cool that air. Change your filter, and get in touch with us if your system still isn’t producing cold air.

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Please turn to our Lockhart AC unit repair company whenever your air conditioner needs servicing. You can use our online contact form, or you can give us a call at 512-241-5837 to schedule an appointment.

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