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When you contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for Lockhart heating and cooling repair, the last thing you probably expect to hear is you have a problem with your system’s expansion valve. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of common issues with an air conditioner, such as ice on the coils, the system not turning off, and others can sometime be attributed to a faulty valve. Here’s some information on signs you could have a valve issue that will need heating and cooling repair in Lockhart TX.

What an Expansion Valve Does

An AC unit is a complex piece of machinery, one that calls for Lockhart heating and cooling repair when an issue arises. The expansion valve controls the amount of refrigerant that flows from the outside unit, the condenser, to the evaporator coil located in the inside portion of your system. If this valve fails, your home won’t stay cool – and you’ll need heating and cooling repair in Lockhart TX as a result.


Ways You Can Tell the Expansion Valve Isn’t Working Correctly

When an expansion valve doesn’t work, there could be multiple culprits. It might simply be worn out due to age. Clogs elsewhere in your AC system could cause valve damage. If you notice any of the following, the problem could be the valve.

  • You see ice on the system – The expansion valve depressurizes refrigerant so that it can remain at the right temperature. If the valve isn’t working, the refrigerant can get too cold, and freeze other system components. Ice will be visible as a result.
  • The compressor keeps running – When the expansion valve doesn’t shut off, that compressor will keep running and running. That could be the reason why your system doesn’t shut off. Get in touch with us so we can provide the heating and cooling repair in Lockhart TX needed to fix the problem.
  • The system makes strange noises – Just about every AC system will make noises once in a while, but no system should ever produce banging or clanging noises. This could be another sign of a malfunctioning expansion valve.

No matter what kind of Lockhart heating and cooling repair you need, E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be ready. Call 512-241-5837 or contact us online for service.

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