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If you’re tired of needing New Braunfels air conditioner repair, it might be time to consider replacing your old AC with a new mini split system. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we’re not only experts in air conditioner repair in New Braunfels TX, we’re also experts in mini split system installation. These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to think about having this type of system in your home.

Reasons to Consider a Mini Split System

You might have had a New Braunfels air conditioner repair technician talk to you about mini split systems before. But, at the time, you might not have given it much thought because you were happy with the system you had. It could be time to think about it a little more seriously.

A mini split system has two main components – an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit that distributes air. It’s a very versatile, effective way of cooling your home. Each part of a mini split system is independently controlled. That means you can increase or decrease the temperature in just one portion of your home, while keeping the rest at the same temperature. You can cool the areas of the house where you are the most. This will keep you comfortable while saving energy – and money.


Here are some other benefits.

  • Efficiency – You won’t have to contact a technician for air conditioner repair in New Braunfels TX because your cooling bills have suddenly spiked. Mini splits don’t need ducts, so they won’t waste energy. They actually use about 30 percent less energy than traditional AC systems.
  • Ease of installation – You’ll be amazed at how fast a mini split system can be installed. You’ll also be surprised at how flexible this kind of system can be. With a traditional, central AC unit, the outside component typically has to be installed a certain distance from the home. With a mini split, however, the outdoor unit can be located as far as 50 feet from the indoor unit.
  • Noise control – If you’ve ever needed air conditioner repair in New Braunfels TX because your traditional AC started making loud noises, you know how troublesome that can be. Mini split systems are incredibly quiet.

Whether you’re interested in a mini split system or you need New Braunfels air conditioner repair, contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning online or call 512-241-5837.

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