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E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be here for you if you ever need New Braunfels air conditioner servicing. We have experts on staff with more than a quarter century of experience in AC repair, and we’ll have all the equipment and tools needed to get the job done right the first time. Our biggest priority when providing air conditioner servicing in New Braunfels TX is always safety. Hopefully, it’s your top priority as well, and you’ll never think of trying any sort of AC repair on your own.


DIY Air Conditioning Repair – It’s Never a Good Idea

While you shouldn’t try most types of New Braunfels air conditioner servicing, you can do safe, easy things such as changing your air filter three or four times a year. Doing this one simple thing can help you avoid a lot of AC system problems. You could also clean the vents in your home. It’s amazing how many people could keep from needing air conditioner servicing in New Braunfels TX if they changed their filter and cleaned their vents.

With that being said, there are a lot of people who are skilled with tools and think they can tackle complex air conditioner repair. They want to save some money, so they figure they’ll just fix their AC system themselves. DIY types often think they can fix a loose wire, or change out a motor. They wind up suffering serious injuries or damaging their systems as a result. Here are two examples of DIY air conditioner servicing in New Braunfels TX that usually don’t work out.

  • Trying to fix a refrigerant leak – Taking care of a leaking refrigerant line involves a whole lot more than wrapping some duct tape around the spot of the leak. Amateurs often don’t realize that refrigerant is dangerous – the fumes can make you very ill.
  • Trying to switch out a belt – DIY homeowners often find out too late that when they open up their air conditioner, that immediately nullifies their warranty. Then they make a mistake that causes even more damage and have a huge bill as a result.

The risks involved with DIY New Braunfels air conditioner servicing just aren’t worth it. Turn to us instead. Contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning online or call 512-241-5837.

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