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How can you tell you need San Marcos 24 hour air conditioning repairs? The easiest way, of course, is that your AC doesn’t work and you’re hot. There are some cases, though, where losing your AC system is more than an inconvenience – it could pose a danger to some members of your household. If you have elderly family members living with you or small children, that could be a major problem. Please don’t hesitate to contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for expert 24 hour air conditioning repairs in San Marcos TX.

Don’t Let These AC Problems Ruin Your Night

With nighttime temperatures still in the 90s most summer nights in Central Texas, our San Marcos 24 hour air conditioning repairs professionals are standing by. We know that AC system breakdowns will typically happen at the most inconvenient times – they definitely don’t limit themselves to business hours. While other companies are done for the day, we’ll be here to take care of your 24 hour air conditioning repairs in San Marcos TX.

If you notice any of the following, get in touch with our professional technicians as soon as you can.

  • Hot spots – Are there areas of your home where it’s incredibly warm? If you haven’t left a window open by mistake, that could mean you have an AC problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Problems with your electricity – Does the circuit breaker that controls your AC system trip far too often? That might mean there’s an electrical problem. This is one of the most urgent reasons to call us for 24 hour air conditioning repairs in San Marcos TX. If you let the problem linger, it could pose a fire risk.
  • Strange sounds – An air conditioner should never make any kind of banging or screeching noise. If yours is making one of these sounds, that could mean a loose part is banging around the system. Eventually, that will lead to major damage if not addressed quickly.

Let E+M Emergency Air Conditioning take care of all your San Marcos 24 hour air conditioning repairs. Schedule service by calling 512-241-5837 or contacting us online.

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