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A lot of people contact our South Austin AC contractors with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning because they smell something strange coming from their vents. This might seem like an odd reason to call AC contractors in South Austin TX, but it’s a lot more common than you think. These are just some of the different types of smells that can come from an air conditioner, and what they mean.

A Rotten Egg Smell

Yes, this is just as gross as it sounds – and our South Austin AC contractors encounter this problem on a regular basis. It’s not just gross, however – it’s potentially very dangerous. That smell means there’s some sort of gas leak in your home, and it’s coming through your ducts. Shut off the gas – if you can do so safely, of course – get everyone (people and pets) outside and call your gas provider or 911 to report the problem.


A “Dirty Sock” Smell

People also call our AC contractors in South Austin TX because they think their vents are producing a smell that’s almost like unlaundered socks. This is probably because there’s some sort of bacterial growth in your AC unit, or maybe there’s standing water. This probably is due to a dirty evaporator coil, but it could also be a wet or clogged air filter.

A Musty Smell

When moisture gets trapped in the ducts, this can lead to a musty smell due to fungal growth in the ducts. If you still notice it after changing your air filter, get in touch with the AC contractors in South Austin TX with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. We’ll clean out your condensate line and get rid of that smell for good.

Don’t Put Up With Foul Odors – Contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning

Get in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning’s South Austin AC contractors if you notice any odd aromas coming out of your vents. While you might only have a minor problem, there’s a chance something major – and possibly dangerous – could be going on. You can schedule service by giving us a call at 512-241-5837 or using our online contact form.

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