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When the heat gets cranked up in the summertime, that can sometimes mean you’ll need South Austin AC unit repair. If this happens to you, turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning – the experts in AC unit repair in South Austin TX. We’ll provide you with the fast, efficient repair you need so that you can get on with your day. If you need us after hours, we’ll also be able to help.

Signs Your AC System Needs Repair

If you notice any of the following, get in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning as soon as you can for South Austin AC unit repair. But don’t immediately assume the worst – there may be a chance your AC unit repair in South Austin TX will be relatively minor.

  • Warm air is coming from your vents – If you notice that the air coming from your vents is warm when it should be cool, take a look at the thermostat. It may have been switched from cooling mode by accident. If the air is still warm, then you have an issue. There’s a chance that it could be a compressor problem. However, there’s also a chance it could be something as simple as an airflow blockage.
  • Cycling on and off too often – You expect your AC to work a lot harder when the temperatures are at their highest, of course. But it shouldn’t keep turning on and off all the time. This means your system is cycling too often. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can find out why.
  • The inside of your home is too humid – The weather is humid enough outside – you definitely don’t want it to be sticky inside your home. When an AC system works properly, it moderates indoor humidity levels. If it feels more humid inside than normal, we’ll come up with a solution. You might just need a simple adjustment.

Turn to the professionals with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning whenever you need South Austin unit repair. Schedule an appointment by calling 512-241-5837 or contacting us online.

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