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If you’re researching Wimberley AC installation companies, there’s a chance you might also be looking into ductless mini-split systems. You might wonder if this kind of system would be right for your home. While homeowners throughout Central Texas turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for mini-split units, there are a couple of things that you’ll want to know before choosing one. There are plenty of AC installation companies in Wimberley TX that won’t go to the lengths we do to make sure you’re as informed as possible.

Things to Keep in Mind About Ductless Mini-Split Systems

There are some Wimberley AC installation companies that will just try to sell you a new system without really taking your needs into consideration. We’ve never worked that way at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, and we never will. Other AC installation companies in Wimberley TX might not give you an idea of what to expect when putting in this kind of system, but we will.


The first thing you should realize is that it’s very unlikely your home will already be wired to accommodate a mini-split system. In all probability, the system will require a new electrical circuit installed. This type of job will typically mean you have to hire a licensed electrician – often times, it’s a legal requirement. We’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done, and who needs to do it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that technicians with AC installation companies in Wimberley TX will need to connect the indoor and outdoor units with each other. That will like mean cutting a small hole – less than three inches – in to the part of the wall where the inside unit will hang. The wiring, as well as the refrigerant and drain lines, will go through this hole.

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Not all Wimberley AC installation companies will tell you all the details when it comes to putting in a ductless mini-split system – but we will. Learn more by contacting E+M Emergency Air Conditioning online or calling 512-241-5837.

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