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At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we get a lot of calls for Wimberley emergency air conditioner repair. It might seem surprising to you, but the cause of many of these calls is a bad thermostat. Most homeowners don’t even think twice about their thermostat – they set it and forget it. But thermostats can sometimes fail to the point that people need emergency air conditioner repair in Wimberley TX. Here are some of the more common issues that can affect a thermostat.

Improper Positioning

Who would have thought that the placement of a thermostat could result in having to call an expert for Wimberley emergency air conditioner repair? But that is exactly the reason many AC systems develop problems. When the thermostat is close to a window, and that window gets direct sunlight, the thermostat won’t get an accurate reading of your indoor air temperature. It will always sense that the temperature is higher than it actually is. When this happens, the thermostat will direct your air conditioner to keep coming on over and over again. As you might expect, the wear and tear this creates will often lead to emergency air conditioner repair in Wimberley TX.


A Leaning Thermostat

Yes, even if a thermostat is leaning just a tiny bit to one side, it won’t work right. Do you have an old-school thermostat, one with a mercury bulb? If it’s not perfectly balanced, it won’t be able to tell the actual inside temperature. Like a thermostat that gets direct sunlight, it will probably keep directing the AC to keep turning on when it really doesn’t have to.

A Dirty Thermostat

Take a good look at your thermostat. If it appears to be dirty, remove the cover and use a piece of paper to clean the contacts. A dirty thermostat can also have a hard time getting an accurate read of your indoor temperature.

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