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People across the area turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning first when they need a reliable Buda AC unit repair company. They do this because they know we take care of all repairs right the first time, and we also provide affordable service. One of the most common reasons why they get in touch with our AC unit repair company in Buda TX is due to a clogged drain line. Here’s some information on why this happens.

Causes of AC Drain Line Clogs

If you have a problem with your drain line, you’ll more than likely need a Buda AC unit repair company. When a drain line has a problem, that will usually make a home much more humid than it should be. Air conditioners help keep you cool by pulling moisture out of your home. The excess moisture goes into the condensate pan, which eventually leaves the system through the drain line. If something interferes with that process, it will usually be time to call our AC unit repair company in Buda TX.


The line is basically a small pipe that moves water to the condensate pan from the evaporator coil. Sometimes, though, water isn’t the only thing being moved – debris and dust will come along for the ride. When too much of that other stuff gets into the drain line, it can cause a clog. Over time, the clog will get worse – even to the point to where the entire system shuts down.

If you notice any of the following, get in touch with our AC unit repair company in Buda TX.

  • You see water in the drain pan located underneath the unit.
  • You notice standing water because the condensate pan is overflowing.
  • You see rust at the base of the unit.
  • Your unit isn’t cooling your home.

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