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Buda Commercial Heating Installation + Services

Finding a reliable HVAC company is an important investment in your company’s future. Not only can a broken heater make for an uncomfortable workday, but the colder temperatures can also lower productivity — and in the worst cases, cause damage to supplies and equipment.

Here at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we understand how important reliable heat is for the day-to-day operations of your business during the winter. Whenever your company requires Buda commercial heater services, It’s our goal to provide the businesses in our community with the HVAC resources you need to maintain smooth and steady business operations — no matter the issue with your heating equipment.

We’re proud to offer commercial services to all types of businesses, at every scale. Whether you need a new construction heater installation or are simply looking for a company that your company can rely on when an HVAC need arises, E+M AC is the commercial heating company for you.

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Buda Commercial Heating Options

There are a variety of commercial heating options available to you. However, most companies utilize one of three types of central heating. All have their merits and drawbacks, and we are ready and willing to sit down with you to discuss the best heating option for your business.

To give our customers a rundown on the three main types of commercial heating solutions, we’ve put together summaries of each.


One of the most time-tested forms of central heating technology, gas furnaces are heavily relied on as the most common heating source in homes and businesses across the United States. These units are known for their reliable, on-demand heat — regardless of how cold it is outside.

The main drawbacks of furnaces are associated with their gas power source and the issues that come with it.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps represent an energy-efficient, fossil fuel alternative to traditional furnace systems that can save businesses between 20% and 70% of their energy use when utilized in the proper situations. Heat pumps also have the additional advantage of being able to provide cooling in addition to heating by reversing the heat transfer process they use to provide heat during the winter.

Packaged Unit Heat Pumps

A packaged unit heat pump for commercial systems is a versatile HVAC solution that provides both heating and cooling capabilities in a self-contained unit! This all-in-one design houses the necessary components, including the compressor, condenser and air handler, making it suitable for rooftop installations.

Electric Heat Strip Coils

Electric heat strip coil systems are essential heating elements for commercial HVAC setups, providing supplemental warmth when primary heating sources like heat pumps may struggle to meet demand during cold weather. These electric heat strip coils work on the principle of electric resistance heating, efficiently generating heat as electricity passes through them. These systems are a great choice for commercial spaces because of their reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective nature.

Commercial Heating Repairs

Regardless of the type of heating solution currently servicing your company, we guarantee that your technicians have the passion and skills to deliver superior repairs to the highest levels of customer service.

We understand how important time is to your business and we’ll do our best to accommodate the needs of your company so repairs cause as little disruption as possible.

Keep Doing Business, Leave The Heating To E+M AC

If your company is seeking any sort of HVAC solution, heating or cooling, don’t hesitate to call us today! We’re determined to help the businesses in our community thrive and prosper because we’re very aware that when our community is successful, we all are.

If you truly want some peace of mind regarding the future upkeep of your company’s HVAC system, ask us about our proactive maintenance club! With benefits that’ll pay for themselves, membership will take the thought out of maintaining your business’s heating and air conditioning.

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