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Frequently Asked Questions About YOUR Air Conditioning

Is Indoor Air Quality A Concern?

Your indoor air quality (IAQ) determines how comfortable your home feels. Factors like humidity, airborne particulates and toxins all play a role in whether or not your inside space is healthy. The team at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning can help you breathe easier indoors by performing an IAQ test for your home. Let us work with you to eliminate the contaminates in your air.

What Causes A Heater To Stop Working?

Wintertime is no time for your household to be without heating. The best way to avoid this is by paying attention to the signs of a furnace breakdown. There are a number of reasons your heater might stop working, so reach out to E+M to schedule your appointment. Our technicians can ensure your unit will run well all season long.

How Efficient Is A 25-Year-Old Air Conditioner?

Not all homeowners know how old their heating and cooling system is when they move in. This can make it difficult to decide when to schedule your AC replacement. Even if your 25-year-old AC still turns on and runs, it may not be as efficient as it was two decades prior. Let the technicians at E+M perform a system inspection or tune-up to help determine the efficiency of your home’s air conditioner.

Do Ductless Air Conditioners Really Work?

Central air conditioners are not the only option for modern homeowners. Ductless ACs eliminate bulky air ducts and allow you to personize your home’s climate control. Air handlers can be installed throughout your space and are ideal for cooling areas like add-ons and workshops. Contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning to schedule your ductless air conditioner installation.

Can I Replace My Ductwork Myself?

Ductwork runs from your heating and cooling unit throughout your space. Even though it appears like an approachable do-it-yourself project, installing ductwork should only be done by professionals. It’s a meticulous, difficult job that requires manuervering bulky ducts, working in confined spaces and testing for air flow efficiency. Leave your ductwork services to the professionals at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning.

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