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Fast Buda Heater Repairs

Few things can be more frustrating for a homeowner than finding themselves without a working heater in the middle of a cold winter night. Sometimes there aren’t enough blankets in the world to warm the chilly dread you’ll feel knowing that you have to find a heating repair company you can trust.

With over 25 years of experience aiding our technicians, E+M Emergency Air Conditioning is eager to prove to you why we’ll be the last HVAC company you’ll ever need. Determined to provide the best heater repair in Buda, we strive to set the standard for what it means to provide superior HVAC and customer service.

Not every heater issue will immediately cause the system to fail, and some can be difficult to notice until major damage has occurred. It’s our goal to equip our customers with the information you need to identify some of these harder-to-detect issues so you can stay on top of potential heater damage before it requires major furnace repair services.

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Hidden Signs Of Heater Issues

As mentioned above, there may be problems with your heater that could bloom into far greater issues in the future. To help our customers prevent this unfortunate circumstance, we’ve put together this list of four signs that your heater may be experiencing hidden problems.

Strange Heater Noises

While it’s expected for your heater to make some noise, any sudden or loud bangs or booms are a cause for concern and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Certain damaged components, like a thermocouple, can cause your system to build up dangerous levels of gas that are then combusted in quick bursts inside of your system. This can be dangerous and cause large amounts of wear on your system.

Inconsistent Energy Bills

Month-to-month, your energy bills should remain fairly consistent. Because the HVAC system is one of the most energy-demanding components of the modern home, it’s not uncommon for the inefficiencies of a system to be directly reflected in a high utility bill. If you’re noticing a higher-than-normal utility bill, it could be a sign that you’re burning money away in a damaged furnace.

Excessive Cycling

If you ever notice your heater cycling on and off an excessive amount of times, it could be a sign of damage to any number of components in your system. The issue can range from a faulty fan to a dirty sensor — regardless, any abnormal cycling of your system should be noted and inspected by a qualified technician as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Heating/Airflow

If you notice your heater performing worse year after year, we can almost guarantee it’s not because it’s getting colder. The airflow your heater provides should be fairly consistent throughout the home and consistent in temperature. Poor airflow could mean a bad motor, damaged ductwork or any number of things in-between.

Stay Ahead Of Heater Hiccups With The Proactive Maintenance Plan

Sometimes we’re asked, “what’s the best way to stop my heater from breaking in the first place?” and the best advice we have is to join our Proactive Maintenance Plan. For just a small fee, members get the peace of mind of knowing that all of their HVAC equipment will be serviced and maintained by a qualified professional — so it can continue doing its job of keeping your family comfortable, year in and year out.

E+M Air, Your Heater Hotspot

The professionals here at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning are determined to be your one-stop shop for all of your heater needs. For repair, installation or maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us today!  We have the knowledge, skills and experience required to provide you with a standard of HVAC service that is second to none.

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