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It’s important that when you choose a Canyon Lake AC replacement company that you understand just how important a purchase a new air conditioner really is. You can’t just move out the old one and get the same exact thing, like you can with a dishwasher or a washing machine. Today’s models are completely different from the one you’ve had for the last decade or longer. Let an expert with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, the best AC replacement company in Canyon Lake TX, help you choose the system that fits your needs as well as your budget.


Different Kinds of AC Units

One thing we’ll do when you choose us as your Canyon Lake AC replacement company is to help you decide what kind of system will be right for your home. Your options include the following.

  • Central air conditioning – When people get in touch with an AC replacement company in Canyon Lake TX for a new system, this is what they will typically have in mind. It contains components that sit inside your home, such as coils, the can and more. It also has a condenser, the part of the system that will be in your yard. Both of these units work together to push cool air through ductwork.
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners – While this kind of system doesn’t have ducts, it still has indoor and outdoor components. Mini-splits are popular because they allow you greater control over which parts of your home you want to stay cool, saving energy in the process.
  • Window air conditioners – If you only need to cool one room, this type of unit will sit on the windowsill.

Which Kind of AC System is Right for You?

One of the reasons why E+M Emergency Air Conditioning is the premier AC replacement company in Canyon Lake TX is that we’re staffed with experts. We can come to your home and let you know what type of air conditioner will be the best option. Call 512-241-5837 or use our online form to schedule a visit from one of our technicians.

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