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If you don’t schedule Canyon Lake air conditioner servicing at least once a year, you’re taking a big risk. Regular maintenance will let you know that something is going on that needs to be addressed. If it’s not, that could result in you needing a much more extensive – and expensive – repair as time goes by. Why not take that risk out of the equation by getting in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning? We’re the leaders in air conditioner servicing in Canyon Lake TX – and we’ll be more than happy to prove it to you.


These are just some of the many problems we typically see when we come to a customer’s home to perform routine maintenance.

Clogged Condensate Drains

Our Canyon Lake air conditioner servicing professionals see this problem a lot. When excess water, or “condensate,” can’t flow out of your system normally due to a clog, that’s not good. The water can spill onto your floor, or even worse, back up into the system. We look for this problem each and every time we perform air conditioner servicing in Canyon Lake TX.

Dirty Coils

The coils in your air conditioner are extremely important. The evaporator coil, for instance, turns refrigerant from a liquid state to a gas state. It then helps push that refrigerant through your air conditioner so it can keep you cool. If you’re home is too warm, a dirty evaporator coil might be to blame. We’ll check it thoroughly and clean if needed.

Leaking Refrigerant

We’ll often see refrigerant leaks during routine air conditioner servicing in Canyon Lake TX. This is a common repair, and one that typically doesn’t take a long time to perform.

We’ll Be Here When You’re Ready

If you believe the time is right to schedule routine Canyon Lake air conditioner servicing, E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be standing by to help. Contact us online or call 512-241-5837. We’ll show you why so many people throughout the Central Texas region get in touch with us whenever they need AC service.

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