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If your air conditioner seems like it’s always running, that’s a sign you might need Canyon Lake central air repair. Call E+M Emergency Air Conditioning and we’ll send an experienced, skilled technician to your home to diagnose the problem. We’re experts in central air repair in Canyon Lake TX, and we have a deep understanding of every make and model on the market.

Reasons Why Your AC System Won’t Shut Off

Canyon Lake central air repair from E+M Emergency Air Conditioning can take care of a problem such as a system continually running day and night. During the scorching summer months, your AC will run quite a bit, of course. But if you think it’s running more than it should, central air repair in Canyon Lake TX may be needed. These are some of the more common reasons why this problem occurs.

  • You have a variable speed AC system – A variable speed air conditioner, as the name implies, runs at different speeds. It can run at as little as 25 percent of total capacity during some periods of the day. It does this to help keep you cool while conserving energy at the same time.
  • Your AC unit is too small for your home – If your unit is too small, it doesn’t have enough cooling capacity. That means it will have to keep running in order to get your home’s temperature to your thermostat setting.
  • Your unit needs to be maintained – There could be debris or dust building up in the condenser coil and evaporator coil. That can make it harder for your system to cool your home, and result in it having to run continuously. You might not need full-blown central air repair in Canyon Lake TX, but you should schedule a maintenance appointment with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning.

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At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we’ll take care of all your Canyon Lake central air repair needs efficiently and effectively. If you would like to set an appointment, please get in touch with us by using our convenient online form or calling 512-241-5837.

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