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If you notice ice forming around your AC system, you will probably need Dripping Springs air conditioner servicing from E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. This could be happening for one of many possible reasons, so it’s important to have one of our professionals take a look. Our team members have worked on air conditioners for more than 25 years, so we’ll figure out what’s going wrong and fix it fast. When it comes to quality and customer satisfaction, no other company can beat our air conditioner servicing in Dripping Springs TX.


Why is My AC System Frozen?

It can be pretty troubling to realize you need Dripping Springs air conditioner servicing because you see ice forming around your unit. In most cases, this is an indication that there’s some sort of issue with airflow. The refrigerant in your system can’t do what it’s supposed to do – keep your home cool. If you notice ice on your system and you don’t notice a lot of cold air coming through your vents, get in touch with us for air conditioner servicing in Dripping Springs TX.

What you shouldn’t do is immediately assume you have a major issue. The answer could actually be nothing more than changing out a clogged air filter. When a filter gets dirty, air can’t move through your system like normal – and ice forming on the unit can be the result. But there are other instances where it could be a serious problem, like a failed blower motor. If you’re seeing ice and you also hear a rattling sound, then the blower motor will likely be to blame.

Another possible culprit will be a refrigerant leak. Yet another reason could be dirty coils. This is why you need to contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for air conditioner servicing in Dripping Springs TX. We’ll find out exactly what’s going on and tell you what needs to be done to fix the issue.

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