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Believe it or not, your thermostat could play a big role regarding whether or not you’ll need Dripping Springs heating and cooling repair. It tells your AC system when to turn on, and it also tells it when to stop. So it obviously has a lot of control over the comfort of your home. If it’s in the wrong place, that could cause a lot of problems with your system. The experts in heating and cooling repair in Dripping Springs TX with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning would like to share some information on why thermostat placement is so important.

Where NOT to Put Your Thermostat

A lot of times we’ll get calls for Dripping Springs heating and cooling repair because an AC system is developing issues because it has to work too hard. It might, for instance, be turning on and off all the time, or “cycling.” It will shut itself down so it won’t overheat, turn back on again after it cools down a bit, and then turn on, turn off, and so on and so on. The homeowner will then get in touch with us for heating and cooling repair in Dripping Springs TX.


Why does this happen? In many instances, it’s because the thermostat is in the wrong part of the home. This might have happened due to a recent AC installation or a home renovation. These are some of the worst places to put a thermostat.

  • Facing direct sunlight – If the sun is beating down on your thermostat all day, it will make it “think” that your inside temperature is warmer than it really is. As a result, your AC will keep working and working. Not only will this increase the need for heating and cooling repair in Dripping Springs TX, it will also cause your energy bill to skyrocket.
  • By an air vent – This can actually cause the opposite problem – your thermostat will believe the temperature is cooler than it actually is. Your AC won’t work as hard, but you also won’t be as comfortable as you should be.
  • Anywhere but the center of your home – If your thermostat isn’t centrally located, its readings won’t be an accurate reflection of your home’s actual temperature. You’ll actually be too hot or cold as a result.

If you need your thermostat moved, contact our Dripping Springs heating and cooling repair company online or call 512-241-5837.

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