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People often call Kyle air conditioning contractors when they see ice on their outside unit. This can obviously be a pretty troubling discovery. You might automatically assume something is seriously wrong with your system. In most cases, however, it’s not that big of a problem. E+M Emergency Air Conditioning has a staff of air conditioning contractors in Kyle TX who will be ready to help whenever you need us. If you see ice on your AC system, we’d like to share some information on why this might be happening.

Reasons You See Ice on Your AC System

Our Kyle air conditioning contractors are experts in all AC system components. Get in touch with us if ice starts to form on your outside condenser and we’ll help you figure out what’s happening. When you choose E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, you’ll be working with air conditioning contractors in Kyle TX who have nearly 30 years of experience. As a result, you can turn to us with complete confidence.

These are just a few of the reasons ice forms in or around an air conditioning unit.

  • A dirty air filter – When an air filter becomes clogged, air can’t flow through your AC system like it should. That could lead to ice forming on the evaporator coil. If you can’t see light through your filter, then it will be time to replace it. Try to get into the habit of switching it out once a month.
  • A refrigerant leak – If the system is leaking refrigerant, that will make it impossible for the evaporator coil to transfer heat properly. That could also result in an accumulation of ice on the coil. Get in touch with one of our air conditioning contractors in Kyle TX and we’ll take care of your issue fast.
  • Wiring issues – There could also be an issue with the wiring that goes to the blower motor. When this happens, that can also disrupt airflow to the point to where ice will start to develop. We’ll check all your wiring and make any repairs necessary.

Schedule service with our Kyle air conditioning contractors by calling E+M Emergency Air Conditioning at 512-241-5837 or contacting us online.

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