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Lockhart air conditioner maintenance might be all that’s needed to take care of some of those annoying problems with your system. If you’re hearing odd sounds, you smell something strange, or you have some other kind of issue, you might not actually need a major repair. You might just have a problem that can be handled through regular air conditioner maintenance in Lockhart TX. Get in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

Minor Problems We Address Through Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are a lot of advantages to contacting us for Lockhart air conditioner maintenance. The most important is helping you save a lot of money. By addressing little problems before they get to be serious, you can avoid potentially costly repairs. Here are some of the issues we can address through air conditioner maintenance in Lockhart TX.

  • Loud noises – Is your AC system louder than usual? The reason could be something simple, such as a bent fan blade, a loose screw, or an accumulation of debris. Different sounds mean different things, however. A grinding noise, for instance, could be a sign that something is wrong with the fan motor. Whatever the cause of the noise, we can fix it quickly and efficiently.
  • Strange smells – Is there a musty odor coming from your vents? The answer might just be a clogged air filter, or a clogged condensate drain. Schedule air conditioner maintenance in Lockhart TX so we can determine the cause of the smell and take the appropriate action.
  • Temperatures are inconsistent – Are some areas of your home cooler than others? That’s a sign your air conditioner is having some sort of problem. Contact us so we can find out what’s going wrong and provide whatever repair is necessary.

Our Experts are Ready to Help

No company offers more comprehensive Lockhart air conditioner maintenance than E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. We’ll take a detailed look at each and every component of your AC system, then tell you about any little issues that might be developing. Set an appointment by calling 512-241-5837 or using our online form.

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