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There are times when people get fed up with needing Lockhart emergency air conditioner repair, and decide it’s time for a completely new system. If this applies to you, you might want to think about getting a mini-split AC system. The experts at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning have a great deal of experience in mini-split installation, and we’ll recommend the best model for your budget as well as your cooling needs. Once you go with a mini-split, you won’t need emergency air conditioner repair in Lockhart TX nearly as often.

Benefits of a Mini-Split Air Conditioning

If you’ve had a lot of Lockhart emergency air conditioner repair before, the tech might have mentioned a mini-split at one time or another. You probably didn’t consider it too seriously at the time, because you wanted to stick with your old system. While that’s obviously understandable, if you tend to have to call for emergency air conditioner repair in Lockhart TX every one or two years, then it could be time to change your mind.


As the name implies, a mini-split system has an indoor unit (that sends air through your home) and the outside unit, which houses the compressor. This is an extremely efficient way method of cooling in that each part of the mini-split is separately controlled. If you want to make a certain area of your home cooler, you can do that. The rest of your home will stay at the same temperature setting. You’ll not only be comfortable, you’ll also be saving a lot of energy.

Other advantages of a mini-split AC system include the following:

  • Quite operation – If you’re tired of your current system making really loud noises, you’ll love a mini-split. It’s much, much quieter.
  • Easy to install – Your technician will be able to install your mini-split system much faster than a traditional central air unit.
  • Efficiency – Many people need emergency air conditioner repair in Lockhart TX because their old unit has to work too hard. That won’t be a problem with a mini-split.

If you ever need the leaders in Lockhart emergency air conditioner repair, get in touch with us. You can contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning online, or you can call 512-241-5837.

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