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You’ve probably seen a lot of ads for New Braunfels heating and AC companies, or you’ve done some online research. It can be hard to choose, because they all look like they can do a great job. But not all heating and AC companies in New Braunfels TX will be worth the money. E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will take care of whatever issue you’re experiencing, and do it right the first time. Here’s some information on some red flags that could help you scratch some of those companies off of your list.

They Don’t Carry Insurance

You’d be surprised to learn that there are some New Braunfels heating and AC companies that aren’t fully covered by insurance. Even if they have some coverage, it might not be enough. If a company either has no insurance or is underinsured, that could create a lot of headaches. Should a technician with one of these companies suffer an injury at your home, there’s a chance you could be held liable. This could potentially mean you’d be responsible for the tech’s medical expenses, and you might even face legal action.


When heating and AC companies in New Braunfels TX aren’t properly insured, that can lead to another issue – responsibility for damage to your home. If this happens – to either your home or a neighbor’s home – then you might have to pay for that damage.

Don’t hire anyone for AC or heating work until you’re 100 percent certain the company is fully insured. Make sure they can prove it to you. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we have full coverage.

Lousy Online Reviews

You’ll also want to look around online to see what others are saying about the heating and AC companies in New Braunfels TX you’re considering. If you see overly negative reviews, or you don’t see any reviews at all, then you’ll probably want to go in another direction.

We believe you’ll turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning before any other New Braunfels heating and AC companies. You can contact us online or call 512-241-5837 to find out why.

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