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If you’re looking for reliable San Marcos AC unit repair you can trust, turn to the professionals with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. We know that it’s never fun to need AC unit repair in San Marcos TX. Quite frankly, it’s a hassle. We’ll work extremely hard to minimize that hassle, providing fast, expert service. When you get in touch with us, we’ll have your home back to feeling perfect as quickly as possible.

Common Reasons for San Marcos AC Unit Repair

Our technicians have more than 25 years of experience providing top-quality AC unit repair in San Marcos TX. These are some of the more common reasons why people get in touch with us for service.

  • The unit doesn’t turn on – If your AC simply won’t turn on, check the thermostat batteries to see if they’re still working. If they are, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. Get in touch with us if it hasn’t, because you probably need a repair.
  • The air isn’t cold – Warm air coming from your vents may mean you have a dirty air filter. When this happens, that freezes the condenser, making it very hard for your system to do its job. If you change the filter and you’re still having the same issue, contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning as soon as you can.
  • You hear strange noises – It can be pretty unsettling to all of a sudden hear strange noises coming from your AC unit. If you hear a hissing sound, that likely means you need AC unit repair in San Marcos TX to fix a refrigerant leak. If you hear a banging or rattling noise, that could be an issue with the motor assembly.

Take Action By Contacting Us

If you need San Marcos AC unit repair, don’t immediately assume the worse. Many times, an air conditioning problem is relatively minor and inexpensive. Get in touch with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning and we’ll quickly determine the reason for your problem, and also determine the best way to fix it. Call 512-241-5837 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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