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There are some rare instances where you don’t have to call a San Marcos AC unit repair company, because you can take care of a minor repair yourself. There are some instances, for instance, where you might be able unclog your system’s condensate line. If your system isn’t working, always contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, the premier AC unit repair company in San Marcos TX. However, if your system isn’t producing enough cool air, and you notice that the line is clogged, you might want to try the DIY approach first.

How to Unclog a Condensate Drain Line

Again, it will be very important to contact a San Marcos AC unit repair company if your system isn’t working. The problem could be something other than a clogged line, and that will require the help of an expert. Never try to work on any sort of machinery in your AC system – and definitely don’t try to fix any wiring issues. The risks are much too great. Leave that kind of work to an AC unit repair company in San Marcos TX instead.


As long as nothing else is wrong, you can try to unclog a condensate drain line on your own. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

  • Gather your supplies – You’re going to want a bucket to collect water that comes out of the line. You’ll also want to get a pipe cleaner or wire brush to clear out the line. Finally, you’ll want some vinegar to clean the line. Never use Drano or other strong chemicals, because they can cause severe corrosion.
  • Turn off the AC – This is incredibly important. Shut it off at the breaker to make sure your unit doesn’t come on while you’re draining the line.
  • Clear the line – Take the cap off of the line, and pull out any blockages you can get to. Loosen debris using the brush or pipe cleaner, then pour in the vinegar. That will take out any debris that might remain. Flush the line with fresh water, put the cap back on and then turn your AC back on. If your system’s still not working right, contact our AC unit repair company in San Marcos TX.

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