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One of the biggest benefits of regular San Marcos air conditioner maintenance is that it can uncover minor problems with your system. If those issues aren’t addressed, they can eventually turn into major headaches that will be extremely expensive to fix. Here are just some of the minor issues that can be discovered through air conditioner maintenance in San Marcos TX. When you’re ready to have your system checked, schedule an appointment with the professionals at E+M Emergency Air Conditioning.

Refrigerant Leaks

This is probably one of the most common issues we spot when we perform San Marcos air conditioner maintenance. We can fix a leak very easily, and very quickly. The reason this needs to be done is that if a leak gets bad enough, your air conditioner will have to work a lot harder – and it still won’t keep you cool enough. Get in touch with one of our experts in air conditioner maintenance in San Marcos TX so we can check your system’s refrigerant line.


Condensate Drain Clogs

Condensate is basically an HVAC term that basically means “water.” Excess condensate flows through drains and eventually out of the system. However, if the drainpipe is clogged, that can cause water to move back into the system. It can also cause spillage that can result in the development of contaminants. We always check condensate drains whenever we provide air conditioner maintenance in San Marcos TX.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your HVAC system vaporizes refrigerant, converting it to a gas from a liquid. If it gets dirty, then your air conditioner won’t be able to properly cool your home. We will check this coil and clean it if necessary.

Turn to the Pros in AC Maintenance

At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, our team members have performed San Marcos air conditioning maintenance for more than 25 years. Schedule service by calling 512-241-5837 or contacting us online. We’ll provide the maintenance that will help you rest easy knowing your AC system will work reliably for years to come.

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