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It’s amazing how many people wind up having to call San Marcos heating and AC companies when they could have saved themselves a lot of headaches by just changing their filter. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we’ve seen this happen time after time. When your AC has a clogged filter, it will typically either produce much less cold air than normal, or it won’t produce any cold air at all. Changing your filter on a regular basis could help you avoid having to contact heating and AC companies in San Marcos TX.

Why You Should Never Ignore Your AC Filter

You should go ahead and start looking into San Marcos heating and AC companies now if you’re not going to change your filter. Over time, this will lead to significant problems. Your AC will have to keep working harder and harder to try to keep you cool. This, of course, increases wear and tear – and the likelihood you’ll need heating and AC companies in San Marcos TX.


AC Maintenance Tips

How Often Does Your Filter Need Changing?

Most experts would recommend that you change out your air filter at least four times a year, or once every three months. The timeframe can vary based on different factors. If, for example, you have multiple pets, you might need to switch your air filter every month or two. The reason is that when pets shed, the fur and dander can get into your vents – and ultimately into your air filter. That could mean calling around to heating and AC companies in San Marcos TX for repairs.

What Kind of Air Filter Do You Need?

At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we can let you know which filter will be best for your exact system. Or, you can check the owner’s manual. If that manual is gone, just look at the old filter. It should still have labeling that tells you its dimensions.

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