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Our name might be E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, but we’re experts in both San Marcos heating and cooling repair. We have team members with more than a quarter century of experience working on all makes and models of HVAC systems, so if you’re having issues keeping your home warm, you should get in touch with us first. These are just a couple of reasons that people call us for heating and cooling repair in San Marcos TX.

The Furnace isn’t Keeping Them Warm

A furnace that’s failing to warm your home could mean you need San Marcos heating and cooling repair. But there are times where it’s not a sign of a big problem, as surprising as that may be. It could simply be due to the thermostat being turned on to the “fan” setting. When that’s the case, you’ll feel air through your vents but it won’t be warm. The thermostat could also have been turned off by mistake.


Another problem, one that will probably not require heating and cooling repair in San Marcos TX, is a clogged air filter. When this happens, debris and dust will keep air from flowing through your home as it should. Try changing out the air filter to see if that solves the problem.

There could also be an issue with the pilot light. This is the flame that ignites the fuel that keeps your furnace running. If the flame goes out due to a faulty ignition system, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

The Furnace Continually Cycles

Does your furnace keep turning on and off, or “cycling?” That could also be due to a clogged air filter. If there’s not enough airflow, then most systems will automatically shut down to keep from overheating. They’ll turn back on once they cool down, only to turn off again after just a couple of minutes. If changing your air filter doesn’t fix the issue, get in touch with us for heating and cooling repair in San Marcos TX.

Whether you have a small issue or a major problem, you should always turn to E+M Emergency Air Conditioning first for San Marcos heating and cooling repair. Use our online form or call 512-241-5837 for service.

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