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When your AC system has to work too hard day and night, that will increase the chances you’ll need Seguin 24 hour air conditioning repairs. Even if your system doesn’t break down, your energy bill will skyrocket during the summer months. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we’ll be here for you to provide efficient, effective 24 hour air conditioning repairs in Seguin TX. But you might be able to avoid the need for repairs if you put the following tips into action.

Conserve Energy at Night

If you want to avoid needing Seguin 24 hour air conditioning repairs, one thing you might want to consider will be giving your AC a break at night. You probably don’t really need your system going full blast when you’re asleep. Use ceiling fans in your bedroom to help you stay cool. If you are going out and about at night, set your thermostat between 7-10 degrees higher than normal.


Use a Programmable Thermostat

This is another way of reducing the chances you’ll have to call us for 24 hour air conditioning repairs in Seguin TX. A programmable thermostat makes it a lot more convenient to control your indoor temperature. You can set it higher when you’re gone during the day, and take some of the stress off of your AC system in the process.

Try Setting the Temperature a Little Higher When You’re Home

You might assume that you always need to set your thermostat to 72 degrees when you’re home, but that might not be the case. The higher you can keep your indoor temperature, the less your AC will need to work. That might just keep you from needing 24 hour air conditioning repairs in Seguin TX. Experiment with some different settings to see what you and your family can handle.

We’ll Be Here When You Need Us

Sometimes, no matter what you do you might still need Seguin 24 hour air conditioning repairs from time to time. If you do, E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be ready. Call 512-241-5837 or use our online form to schedule service.

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