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When installing a new system, your Seguin AC repair and installation technician will obviously need to take out the old one. You might be curious about how long that part of your installation will take. At E+M Emergency Air Conditioning, we always make safety our top priority. We will make sure that we take extreme care when removing your old air conditioner. But when you choose us for AC repair and installation in Seguin TX, you can rest easy knowing we’ll do it right.


How We Remove an Old System

Not every job is exactly alike, but, in general, our Seguin AC repair and installation professionals will first take out the refrigerant. This has to be performed very carefully, and very deliberately. Letting any refrigerant escape into the environment is a violation of the law. We use a special piece of equipment known as a recovery machine when performing AC repair and installation in Seguin TX. That way was can remove the refrigerant safely and efficiently.

Next, it will be time to remove the old wiring. Your E+M Emergency Air Conditioning technician will add a disconnect box. Not every company that offers AC repair and installation in Seguin TX does this. The disconnect box, as the name implies, is a small box that sits next to the condenser, or the outside part of your unit. If any sort of emergency occurs, you can shut off your unit very quickly and safely.

Once the wiring is taken out, it will then be time to remove all of the other components of your old system. We will never cut corners, and we will always prioritize safety. However, we have decades of experience. As a result, we can be efficient and safe at the same time, and we’ll take care of your installation as quickly as possible.

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