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No other Seguin air conditioning companies are as thorough as E+M Emergency Air Conditioning when it comes to installing a new system. We know this is a major investment. That’s why we’re so careful, and make sure the system works as it should before we say any installation is complete. Another way we’re unlike other air conditioning companies in Seguin TX is that we’ll work closely with you to make sure you get the exact system you need to fit your budget.

Signs You May Need a New Air Conditioner

It’s obviously no fun to have to contact Sequin air conditioning companies because your system isn’t working. Be aware, though. There are air conditioning companies in Seguin TX that will immediately try to sell you the most expensive system they can – even if the one you have can be fixed. We will always try to provide a repair first. If that’s not practical, however, we’ll recommend a system you’ll be able to afford.


Here are some of the signs that it might finally be time to get a new air conditioning system.

  • Your system is more than 20 years old – When properly maintained, an air conditioner can last 20 years. If yours is either close to that age or older, then you might want to think about having it replaced.
  • The compressor has failed – Even if your system isn’t 20 years old, you should get a replacement if the compressor gives out. Replacing a compressor – especially one that’s 10 years or older – will probably cost about as much as getting an entirely new unit.
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal – If your AC system has to work too hard, that will, of course, send your monthly energy bill through the roof. The reason is that it comes on more than it should, and chews up a lot of energy in the process. A new system will be better for your bank account in the long run.

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You don’t need to contact any Seguin air conditioning companies for your installation other than E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. Use our online form or call 512-241-5837 to get in touch.

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