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For a lot of people, their first reaction is to panic when they find they need Seguin emergency AC repair. They immediately fear the worst, thinking that their AC system is shot and they’ll need to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. The professionals with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning are here to tell you that’s not necessarily the case. It’s true, there are times when an emergency AC repair in Seguin TX is serious enough to cost a lot of money to fix. But you’d be surprised how many repairs are actually minor. Here are just a few of the reasons your system isn’t cooling your home as it should.

The Thermostat Isn’t Set Correctly

There’s a chance you might think you have to get in touch with us for Seguin emergency AC repair, but the problem might just be your thermostat is set too high. Someone might have brushed up against it by mistake, and might have changed the settings. Double-check your thermostat before you call a professional.


Your System is Low on Refrigerant

If your air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, then it’s not going to be able to cool your home properly. You might get a little cool air coming through your vents, but not enough to keep you comfortable. Reach out to us for emergency AC repair and we’ll take care of this problem quickly and efficiently.

You Have a Dirty Air Filter

You might actually not need emergency AC repair in Seguin TX at all – you might just have a clogged air filter. If you find your home isn’t getting cool, check the filter. If it’s dirty, replace it and see what happens after a few minutes. Get in touch with us if your AC system still doesn’t seem to be working right.

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No matter what kind of Seguin emergency AC repair you might need, we have the tools and experience to handle it. You can call E+M Emergency Air Conditioning at 512-241-5837, or you can contact us online to schedule service.

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