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Did you know that neighborhood rodents – and even insects – can damage your air conditioner to the point South Austin residential AC repair is required? Most people really don’t give the outside portion of their system much thought – until something goes wrong, of course. So you probably don’t look for ways to keep pests and rodents from causing problems. E+M Emergency Air Conditioning has some information that could help reduce the chances you’ll need residential AC repair in South Austin TX due to damage caused by critters.

How Pests Can Hurt Your AC

One area of a system that commonly needs South Austin residential AC repair is known as the “line set.” This is basically the copper tubing that connects the evaporator with the outside condenser. The main purpose of this tube is to insulate and protect the refrigerant line. The line set runs through a hole in the side of your house. If bugs and rodents infiltrate that hole, then it might be time for residential AC repair in South Austin TX.


Insects and other pests look for warmth when the weather turns cold. One way they often find that warmth is by getting into the line set hole. You can, however, get in touch with us so we can take care of that issue before major problems develop.

Another issue that might lead to residential AC repair in South Austin TX is mice chewing through the system’s wiring. Mice do this because electrical wires help to sharpen their teeth, and also make them stronger. They can also chew up the insulation that protects those wires.

Mice don’t need a lot of room to get to your wiring – even a small crack will do. Duct sealing could help keep them from doing damage. It can keep out not only mice, but also insects. We can check your ducts thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any cracks between them and the wall.

If you ever need South Austin residential AC repair, turn to the experts with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning. Call 512-241-5837 or use our online form to schedule service.

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