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The expert Wimberley AC contractors with E+M Emergency Air Conditioning will be honest and upfront with you at all times. This includes letting you know whether an AC repair or replacement will be your best option. The good news is that if our AC contractors in Wimberley TX do recommend a replacement, it could actually help increase the value of your home.

How an Air Conditioner Replacement Could Eventually Help You Make Money

It can be hard to hear Wimberley AC contractors say you need a new air conditioner. However, there could actually be a very important sliver lining. Just like renovating your home can increase its value, so could contacting one of our AC contractors in Wimberley TX for an AC replacement.

One of the biggest reasons is that upgrading to a newer unit will reduce the costs associated with operation. That’s basically a long-winded way of saying your system won’t be using as much energy each month, so the energy bill won’t be as high. When someone is interested in your home, that’s going to be a huge selling point.


Another reason to contact our AC contractors in Wimberley TX about a replacement is that new owners won’t have to worry about having a reliable cooling system. They’ll know they won’t be inheriting an older system – they won’t have to wonder if it will continue to perform through hot Texas summers.

As far as how much a new AC system could increase the value of your home, that depends on a few different factors. The biggest ones are the age of your house, the location, and the value of similar homes nearby. In general, though, you can probably expect a new cooling system to boost the value by about 10 percent.

When you think about it, you might actually wind up making a profit by having your AC replaced. Say your home would be valued at $270,000 without a new AC. With a new system, the value could jump to nearly $30,000. It kind of makes paying $10,000 for that new system worth it?

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