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When someone calls E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for Wimberley emergency HVAC repair, there are a lot of possible reasons why. In a lot of instances, the problem turns out to be related to the air handler. This is the large metal box located inside your home, probably in your attic or a closet. If something goes wrong with the air handler, we’ll provide the emergency HVAC repair in Wimberley TX you’ll need to once again feel cool and comfortable.

Why is Your Air Handler Having Problems?

Any sort of air handler issue will probably require Wimberley emergency HVAC repair. Even if you’re extremely handy with tools, you should never work on your AC system unless you have a lot of experience working with this specific type of machinery. There are simply too many things that could go wrong. Call us for emergency HVAC repair in Wimberley TX instead.


These are three common reasons behind air handler malfunctions.

  • A condensate pan leak – “Condensate” is basically a fancy term for water. The condensate pan catches water that drips from your air handler. If there is some sort of clog in the water line, that can lead to a drain clog. This, in turn, will cause the pan to overflow.
  • Contaminants or dirt in the blower motor – The blower motor sits inside your air handler. As the name implies, it sends cool air through your ducts. That air ultimately comes out of your vents. If dirt or other contaminants get into the air handler, it will also get into the blower. You won’t get nearly the amount of cool air from your vents as a result.
  • Blower motor breakdown – The problem could be that the blower motor isn’t working. This could be due to something simple, like a bad relay switch or capacitor (which is kind of like a battery that helps your system start as well as run), or it could be that the motor has failed due to age. This is another instance where you’ll need emergency HVAC repair in Wimberley TX.

We’ll be ready to deliver efficient, effective Wimberley emergency HVAC repair. Schedule service by calling E+M Emergency Air Conditioning at 512-241-5837, or by contacting us online.

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