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There are certain parts of an air conditioner that tend to need Wimberley residential AC repair than others. These include the compressor, the indoor coil (the evaporator coil) and the outdoor coil (the condenser coil). When you contact E+M Emergency Air Conditioning for residential AC repair in Wimberley TX, we’ll make sure you completely understand what’s going on, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Here’s a look at the components that tend to cause the most issues, and what we do to repair them.

The Compressor

Any Wimberley residential AC repair technician will tell you that the compressor is to an air conditioner what an engine is to a car – it’s the heartbeat of the whole system. It sends the refrigerant needed to cool your home to the indoor and outdoor coils. A compressor is a pretty complex piece of equipment, with both electrical and mechanical parts. Only someone skilled in providing residential AC repair in Wimberley TX should work on it. The good news is that, with regular maintenance, a compressor can last 20 years or even longer. But when something goes wrong, that usually means you’ll need a new air conditioner.


The Indoor Coil

This is a component that will typically sit inside the air handler, which is housed in the indoor portion of your central air system. It sends heat from the inside of your home to the compressor, where it is dispersed outside. That is replaced with refrigerant, which eventually creates cool air. The biggest problem with an indoor coil is usually a refrigerant leak, which will require residential AC repair in Wimberley TX from a professional.

The Outdoor Coil

The outdoor coil is in the condenser, which is the outside portion of your system. This is a very durable piece of equipment, but it can sometimes develop electrical issues that keep it from working properly. The cause is usually a malfunctioning capacitor. This is a sort of battery that provides the power your system needs to get going. Thankfully, this is usually a minor repair.

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